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Birthday Parties for Children

  • At Greenwood Days we run great birthday parties. We run the parties all year round whatever the weather, in fact  some of the best parties have happened while its been raining or even snowing, though sunshine is great for a late evenings party in the summer.  We have lots of cover in case or bad weather.

Morning sessions start at 9.30am Afternoon sessions start at 1.00pm Evening sessions start at 5.30pm (when daylight allows)

Other times can be accommodated with prior arrangement.

For the parties we provide 1. All materials for the workshops. 2. A fire to cook food over with frying pans, saucepans, water, tea coffee, enamel plates, bowls, mugs and utensils. 3. First aid kit. 4. Marshmallows and popcorn to cook over the fire! 5. Time is allowed within each activity for your food . 6. Other ages can be accommodated by prior arrangement, for example if a younger sibling wants to take part in the activities. You provide All food (except for the pizza activity) this can be range from simple sandwiches and crisps to burgers and sausages that you can cook over an open fire

A birthday party suitable for all ages!

Pizza Party 2 ½ hours A party that can be tailored for any age. Everyone can have a great time during this party, before you arrive the pizza oven is fired up so it’ll be up to heat halfway through the party. The first activity is fire-lighting with fire steels, everyone will have a go at lighting a fire then you’ll all need to scour the wood for tinder, kindling and firewood, lay a fire then the birthday child can light the fire with a fire steel. Once the fires going we can put a kettle on ready for tea and coffee for the parents! Next activity can be shelter building or some creative willow weaving. It’s good opportunity to run around the wood searching for materials then building a shelter. With larger groups we’ll have two or more teams building and with smaller groups we’ll concentrate on creating the ‘best’ shelter you’ll ever see! Alternatively you can spend time creating some willow fish or butterflies, each child will finish at least one item to take home. Once the oven is up to heat everyone rolls out some dough and adds a variety of topping to create their own special pizza. It cooks in about 60 seconds! and everyone can make two or three pizzas.   Costs is £20 per head inclusive (Min 8 people).

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Suitable for Ages 6 years and above.

Shelter Building 2 hours or 3 hours This is a fun and energetic session that is ideal for both small and large groups. The instructors will explain the basic principles of shelter building. This will include location, materials and methods of building shelters. Groups will be provided with pictorial instructions and then set about finding materials to provide a safe, comfortable and waterproof shelter. Larger groups will be split into teams and have a competition to create the most practical shelter (not necessarily the biggest!). At the end of the day the shelters are tested for how waterproof they are with a watering can and a ‘willing volunteer’ inside the shelter! Costs are £14 per head (Min 8 people) 2 hours The 2 hour party gives just enough time to include food and shelter building. £18 per head (Min 8 people) 3 hours The 3 hour party gives much more scope for building shelters, fire lighting and perhaps making some popcorn around the fire.

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Willow Weaving 2 hours A creative party where you’ll learn about willow, its uses and create some fabulous pieces to take home. Pieces you can make include; fish, snails, wands, butterflies, wind whirligigs, swords, hats and crowns. Everyone makes at least one item. Costs are £15 per head (Min 8 people)

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Willow Lantern Making 2 hours Have a great time weaving a beautiful willow lantern! You start by making a willow frame, cover it with special tissue paper then add leaves, seed heads and other gorgeous things you’ll find on the forest floor. In the end you will have a lovely glowing lantern, lit up with a tea light (which we provide). Costs are £16 per head (Min 8 people)

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Suitable for 10 years and above.

Greenwood Turning 2 hours

This activity will see you turn a hardwood rounders bat from green (unseasoned) Ash on a traditional pole-lathe (foot powered lathe). Using a freshly felled tree a ‘billet’ will be produced ready to turn on the lathe. You’ll use a range of chisels to rough out the wood on the lathe and then turn a handle for their bat. Skills learnt include how to polish the wood with a handful of shavings and if time allows burning a design onto your bat using wire and friction. Costs are £20 per head (Min 5 people max 8)

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Woodland Stool Making 3 hours This activity provides a chance for a smaller group of people to have a great time in the woods while learning a skill and creating a three-legged stool to take home. The three legs will be turned from unseasoned Ash, the first will be part-turned on the lathe allowing learning of chisel skills, the second leg you’ll turn fully, while for the third you will use a shaving horse and drawknife to shape a freshly felled log before setting the leg onto the lathe and turning the final design. These legs will then be fixed to a stool top creating a woodland stool to take home. Costs are £25 per head (Min 5 people max 8 people)

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Facilities at the Wood

  1. We have ample parking.
  2. proper composting toilets (see the photographs!).
  3. Fresh water,
  4. washing facilities,
  5. benches and large tables,
  6. a qualified first aider
  7. large dry areas for play and food.

Bespoke birthdays

We can tailor a birthday to suit your personal requirements. It can be as simple as an extra hour playing in the wood or a complex combination of crafts, adventure and food to suit your child’s interests.

Contact us with your requirements.